Our commitment to sustainability

Community relies on a set of ethical principles that drive day-to-day business within the company and our relationships with third parties.

These principles are highlighted in our Code of Ethics, with a view to identifying, outlining and spreading the corporate culture.

Here are the values that Community has included in its Code of Ethics:

Information transparency
Professionalism and excellence
Confidentiality and independence
Dedication, trust, and reliability
Honesty and respect
Loyalty, accuracy, and fairness

In 2022, the decision to become a Società Benefit was a natural evolution of our history, to ensure that the heritage of values, vision, ethics, respect, and transparency on which Community was founded would be safeguarded permanently and would be a solid ground for our future growth.

We are committed to going beyond the logic of business alone, to embrace a company management approach that is oriented towards shared value creation, in terms of social and environmental sustainability.

That is why we work each day to keep our environmental impact to a minimum and to encourage good recycling and energy-saving practices. We are firmly believing that people are the driving force behind the company, and we are equally committed to protecting our employees by guaranteeing their fundamental rights, promoting their development through training and career paths, acknowledging their talents, creating a collaborative and inclusive workplace that is healthy and safe, and supporting both employees and their families through welfare initiatives.

Moreover, we have long been committed to giving back value to the communities in which we work through projects of territorial and cultural enhancement, by working closely with institutions and public and private associations at both local and national levels.


Impact Report

Our Impact Report is a vital tool providing a comprehensive account of our sustainability engagement by which we can communicate to all stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, as well as the broader community, about how we manage operations, the impact we generate and how we intend to address key issues going forward.

It is a document containing the ethical management practices we have been implementing, the progress we are making towards reducing emissions, and our investments in Community’s human capital. It is a way to talk about our territorial involvement and about cultural and skills give-back initiatives that we have been proudly carrying out for years.

In addition, we have been gathering sets of data and key indicators to assess our impact and make it measurable over time, and we are driven by our ethics and transparency principles.

Here is our latest Impact Report:


The PurPle project

Commitment to sustainability is not only a matter of social responsibility, but it is also a business success driver. Therefore, we believe in spreading a true sustainability culture, which led us to found – together with Gianni & Origoni, Reputation Manager, Reputation Science, ESGeo and Gli Stati Generali – PurPle, the first ESG Competence Centre.

PurPle was established to support companies and institutions when it comes to analysing, measuring, and defining sustainability and reputation strategies, through a 360° advisory role.


ESG rating

In 2023, Community was awarded the EcoVadis silver medal, thus placing us in the top rated 25% of companies with the highest score, out of over 100,000 evaluated companies. This award was achieved by completing the assessment process and proving a solid management system meeting sustainability criterion.

EcoVadis is an international (and independent) rating agency assessing a company’s sustainability impact based on hard data through methodologies built on international sustainability standards (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000).