Community listed in the world’s M&A rankings top ten: 1st by value in Italy e 4th in Europe

News - Thursday 18 January, 2024

With 65 deals and a total value of over USD71 billion, the company founded by Auro Palomba and now part of the Excellera Group consolidates its leadership in financial communication advisory and reputation management.

Community, the reputation management group founded and led by Auro Palomba, ranks as the leading financial communications adviser in Italy (by overall value of deals handled), topping all the European and international rankings drawn up by Mergermaket, a privileged financial intelligence observatory that produces the most influential M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deal monitor worldwide and lists financial, legal and communications advisers. The ranking is based on the number and value of deals handled in 2023: the company reported 65 deals worldwide worth USD71.460 billion.

Community entered the global international top ten (ranking 10th), as the only Italian player in the value ranking. In Europe, the company came in 4th with 62 deals handled and a total value of USD 66.5 billion, consolidating Italy’s leadership reaching the top spot in the value ranking with 57 deals.

Global Ranking
EMEA Ranking

This is yet another acknowledgement and recognition of Community’s global leadership, as the firm is once again at the top of the international rankings just one year after the founding of Excellera Advisory Group, Italy’s largest corporate affairs advisory firm. The group, with a turnover of over EUR 31 million in 2023, was established from the combination with Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co., then joined by Value Relations, and supported by Xenon Private Equity.

Auro Palomba, CEO and founder of Community, said: “Mergermarket’s rankings pay tribute to the great work of Community’s team, acknowledging and confirming our leadership in business and finance media relations, working alongside companies – both large and small – that are undertaking growth and strengthening paths in their target markets through M&A. Our mission, which we pursue together with our colleagues at Excellera, is to be a partner to these companies in these pivotal moments for their business development by providing strategic insights and operational support in their relations with all market stakeholders.”

With offices in Milan, Rome and Treviso, and a network of partnerships stretching into several other countries, Community is a multidisciplinary group working in the creation, management, and defense of the reputation of companies and financial institutions. Founded in 2001, Community currently employs 60 professionals spread across the different locations and coordinated by Managing Partners Roberto Patriarca and Marco Rubino, Senior Partner Giuliano Pasini, and Partners Pasquo Cicchini and Giovanna Benvenuti.