Community Group and Reputation Manager Establish Reputation Science

News - Monday 23 July, 2018

Community Group, the reputation management group founded and led by Auro Palomba, and Reputation Manager, the leading company in the analysis and management of brands and managers’ online reputation, led by Andrea Barchiesi, announce the creation of Reputation Science.

This innovative joint venture represents the first Italian company combining traditional and digital communication, providing its clients with a strategic and consultancy support based on a scientific and measurable methodological approach to reputation management.

Reputation Science will rely on a group of 80 professionals made of communication experts, engineers, crisis management consultants and analysts that were able to gain a proven track record and expertise while working at Community Group and Reputation Manager, allowing them to meet the highest market standards.

Thanks to the expertise of its founding partners, Reputation Science bases its strategic view on a rigorous data analysis supported by a data driven strategy and it is able to provide precise and concrete answers to its clients’ communication challenges, starting from the analysis phase. Auro Palomba will be Chairman of the new company, while Andrea Barchiesi will take on the CEO role.

Reputation Science’s highly innovative methodology integrates market research techniques – thanks Community Media Research’s know-how, with digital ecosystem’s management – backed by the engineering skills provided by Reputation Manager. This offers its customers a clear view of their reputation status, as well as of their stakeholders’ orientation with respect to specific issues.

In particular, the blending of research methodologies will grant Reputation Science’s clients access to a deep knowledge of potential market threats affecting their reputations and it will represent a scientific base to lay the foundations of a consistent, rigorous and effective communication strategy.

“Every company, institution or manager acknowledges that reputation is a crucial asset in the ability to reach its growth goals”, comments Auro Palomba, Chairman at Reputation Science and Community Group. “With the burst of web’s access, communication paradigms have changed: being invisible is no longer an option, since both media and communities – online and offline – are increasingly gaining the ability to define our identity, even autonomously, when the information flow is not managed properly. The ability to talk to the right stakeholders” – continues Auro Palomba – “makes the traditional barrier between online and offline communication obsolete; therefore, an integrated reputation management is increasingly necessary. The foundations have not changed: companies must be able to reach their audience in the places where reputation is formed, with new languages ​​and new approaches. This scenario imposes the need to have a scientific and rigorous methodology, able to grasp this complexity in order to define a wide-ranging reputation management strategy. These are the assumptions on which we created Reputation Science,” concluded Palomba.

“We have always strongly believed in a scientific approach to communication, integrated in every reputation cycle’s phase: from a company’s communication goals definition to the design of a strategy needed to pursue them”, commented Andrea Barchiesi, Ceo at Reputation Science and Reputation Manager. “Reputation Science was born with the aim of providing companies with a very high level of advisory, based on a holistic approach to build their reputation.”